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The Railway and Harbour Division is one of the seven Technical Divisions of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering. The purpose of the Railway and Harbour Division is to advance and expand the science of civil engineering in the provision and maintenance of facilities for transport by railways, road and motor services, harbours, airways and pipelines and to promote the civil engineering profession in general and in the above fields in particular. This is pursued by holding meetings, lectures, symposia, site visits and social gatherings.

The Division is organized as follows:

The Executive Committee composed of seven Division Members elected every year:

  • Chairman
  • Chairman Elect
  • Vice Chairman 1
  • Vice Chairman 2
  • Immediate Past Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The General Committee composed of 16 elected Division Members with the following Portfolios:

  • Representative to the RailRoad Association
  • Representative to the Committee for Railway Engineering
  • Representative to the Joint Societies Committee
  • Representative to the SAICE Council
  • Alternative Representative to SAICE Council
  • Under 36 Members

and distributed by three Focus Groups, as follows:

  • Promotions Focus Group
  • Social Interation/Events Focus Group
  • Continuous Professional Development Focus Group

The Chairman Elect and the two Vice Chairman will each chair one of the Focus Groups meetings.